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NFL Free Agents: Randy Moss Is Done

Randy Moss is done.
Randy Moss is done.

After watching the St. Louis Rams struggle last week, a few TST readers were ready for the cavalry to ride in and save the day. Only in the movies does the cavalry ride to the rescue, blaring the Gary Owen and vanquishing all foes. Among names most often suggested for help: Randy Moss. Rather than ride to anyone's rescue, Moss is taking a another trope from the Western flicks, riding into the sunset. 

Asked about rumors of a potential return to the PatriotsMoss was succinct:

No, I'm done. 

A sigh of relief just went up among St. Louis area caterers.

Does that clear it up? I'm not really sure Moss would have been a boost for the Rams. He looked finished last season as a cast off in Tennessee. 

The Rams do have some reinforcements on the way. Mark Clayton, recouping from a knee injury on the PUP list, will be eligible to return after week six. That should give the Rams a huge boost, providing they can make it that far and still be relevant. Danny Amendola's return is likely to happen sometime during the season as well, though when remains unclear.