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Random Ramsdom, 9/17: Must Win?

Can the St. Louis Rams get a much needed win over the Giants this week?
Can the St. Louis Rams get a much needed win over the Giants this week?

The St. Louis Rams have a prime time date with the New York Giants on Monday night. After a rough and tumble, and ugly, loss to the Eagles last week, they need a win. A better matchup, this game is really the Rams coming out party. If they beat the Giants, the national media will start to take them seriously and they'll take their place a bona fide competitor. Lose this game and...

All your must reads in one place:

Brady inspires Bradford - Josh McDaniels and Sam Bradford sat down and watched tape from Tom Brady's 500+ yard performance last week. McDaniels was overheard to say, "please do this."

Cadillac fired up - Rams backup RB Cadillac Williams is fired up an ready to go this week, eagerly anticipating the chance to start. Williams took advantage of Philly's run defense last week, and the Rams will need to get a healthy dose of Cadillac to keep the Giants' pass rush out of the backfield.

Miklasz: Five things for the Rams this week - The Giants' home advantage isn't as great as you might think. They went 5-3 there last year and are 19-13 at home since winning the Super Bowl.

Deep passes in focus heading into Week 2 - Sam Bradford's passes averaged 5.8 yards per pass. Sounds familiar, no? That number might have been different were it not for a couple key drops and an overthrow or two under pressure. More telling is the secondary the Rams faced last week that had the receivers locked down.

Harris and King ready to fill the void - Justin King will start in place of Ron Bartell this week. Al Harris will see a big increase over the three snaps he saw last week. It's time to test the Rams depth at cornerback this week.

Tuck Praise Spagnuolo, Reveling in What He Built With Giants - Justin Tuck came into his own with the Giants after his former coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, made an adjustment on defense. Tuck, whose is likely to play this week, praised Spagnuolo and credited him for his development. Robert Quinn...take note.

Salas fills void left by Amendola's injury - Ironically enough, Danny Amendola's shoes are pretty large to fill. Greg Salas has a couple inches and more than twenty pounds on the Danny, and he'll have a chance this week to step into the spotlight filling in for Amendola.