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Who Is The Boldest Fan?

Turf Show Times is, among other names we've been called, a fan community, a place for St. Louis Rams to gel around the team, talk shop, discuss the news, etc. Moments ago, I just exchanged emails with 3k and Douglas about a whole new series centered on fans.

We do so much with news and analysis on this site, but we need to get our community even more involved. After all, that is what makes this site the web's premier destination for all things Rams. Anyway, more on some of those other efforts in the near future. 

In the meantime, the fine folks at Guinness, who ought to know me by name since I spent the better part of my twenties draining kegs of that silky dark goodness in and around the vicinity of Aspen, CO. But enough about me. I want to know more about you. In fact, I need your nominations for the boldest Rams fan. 

Tell us in the comments who is the boldest Rams fans of all and why said fan is the boldest Rams fan of all. Huge bonus points for photos. I'm also going to break this into two categories, male and female boldest fans of all. Ok, the floor is open for nominations.