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Rams vs Giants: TST Picks A Winner

Can the St. Louis Rams pull off the upset over the New York Giants on Monday Night Football this week? With so many injuries and coming off a bad loss to the Eagles, this week is anything but a slam dunk. Now that we've mixed sports metaphors, let's go all in and get the predictions from the TST staff, 1-10 style. 

Our predictions after the jump.


8 - Honestly, I wouldn't put much stock in the Eagles game. Their personal were a mismatch for our team. The Rams really didn't have the athleticism and speed to cover their speed guys on defense. Everyone already know about our offense. I expect big things from the Rams this week. Our players matchup well with the Giants. The game will be a good one, but if Sam Bradford is as good as advertised he can expose their secondary. This game will be a good measuring point for the Rams.

Douglas M

6 - We'll miss Danny and Steven this week. Their individual strengths would have found a place to shine against the Giants defense. My rating this game a 6 has to do with our cornerback situation, which is beyond dire. Eli Manning will have no one to throw an interception too, so he'll pass all night long. Spagnuolo will pump up his defense as best he can. McDaniel's offense has a chance to recover some pride against a team decimated by injuries. Here is a chance for a rookie like Salas or Pettis to step up and win a starting job. All they have to do is when they suit up for the game: Do Not leave your hands in the lockeroom.

Mike D

5 - The Giants are almost as banged up as the Rans with Nicks and Tuck now 50/50 at best and while Vick ran wild on Sunday alot of those plays can become sacks with Eli at QB. The reason I do not rate the game as a higher chance to win for the Rams is due to the Giants playing very well against the run last Sunday and BRadshaw is a tas similar to McCoy and those runners always give the Rams trouble ojn their cutbacks.

Eddie P

5 - There are too many injuries to overcome -- Amendola is a huge loss. The others will have to step up. An even more debilitating loss came at corner when Ron Bartell got injured. He leaves an enormous hole in the defense. He'll be very hard to replace.


4 - I really believe the Rams can win this game. I thought it was an outside possibility last week, far outside, but I'm starting to have real reservations about whether or not this team can pull it together when they're in the spotlight. Intangibles matter in this game. The key players on the Giants' roster remember what it takes to win a Super Bowl. They were embarrassed last week by their division rivals and have a coach on the hot seat. Veteran teams can pull it together when they have to; a young Rams team just doesn't seem to have that lesson down yet.