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Rams Vs. Giants: If You Could Have One Player From the Giants...

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The St. Louis Rams drew the New York Giants for their first Monday night game since 2006. It's a tough match up for a return to prime time. To while away your Friday morning, let's get some discussion going. The question should delight armchair general managers. Which player from the New York Giants would you like to have on the St. Louis Rams?

Don't get too carried away with the nuts and bolts. For this exercise contracts, cap costs, corresponding roster moves, etc. can be left aside. This is pure fantasy. 

Looking at the depth charts side by side, the Giants don't really stand out over the Rams in any one area...except on the defensive line. GM Jerry Reese has done a fabulous job keeping his coaches stocked with pass rushers through the years. It's the kind of depth the Rams hope to be developing with Chris Long and Robert Quinn as the building blocks of that foundation, but Spagnuolo's current team has a long way to go before they have the kind of pass rushing arsenal that the Giants do. 

If I could have anyone from the Giants on the Rams, I'd have to pick DE Justin Tuck. He has 39.5 sacks in his last four years of play and a boatload of QB pressures to go with it. With a deadly combination of quickness, speed and a great set of moves, Tuck is the player the Rams are hoping Robert Quinn can be with time. It's worth noting that Tuck had just one sack his rookie season, 2005, and missed all but six games the next year. He didn't become a force until 2007, under defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. 

I thought about Hakeem Nicks here too. Nicks is a good player, the kind of possession receiver the Rams hope to get in either Brandon Gibson or Mike Sims-Walker this year, but I wouldn't classify his as elite. That pick is just a reflection of my own desperation for the Rams to finally have some answers at receiver. 

Which player would you go with?