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Rams Vs. Giants, Player to Watch: Sam Bradford

Wow Sam, "you're a good QB, but you look better in those tights".
Wow Sam, "you're a good QB, but you look better in those tights".

Last week, the St. Louis Rams got beat by the Eagles. It was a closer game than the score and stats will tell you. Losing to NFC title contenders isn't that bad; what was bad is the list of starters that were injured. The three big offensive injuries for the Rams are Danny Amendola, Steven Jackson, and Sam Bradford. The first two players could be out for some time.

The third injured Ram, doesn't look as injured as when it happened. It was thought that Bradford had nerve damage in his index finger on his throwing hand. Thankfully, it was just a bruise on his index finger.

Before the injury sidelined him for the game, Bradford was 17-30 and 188 yards in the air. Bradford had six balls dropped against the Eagles, many of those drops would have resulted in first downs and a couple could have been touchdowns or at least a ton of yards.

With that said, Bradford didn't play perfect. One of those drops, to Brandon Gibson was behind him, and if Bradford led him it could have resulted in a big game. Bradford also threw a pass to Billy Bajema with a similar pass that could have been a big gain. Bradford also overthrew a wide open Danny Amendola. Then there was the Sam Bradford fumble, where he could have just fell and taked the sack.

Even though, Bradford didn't have a terrible game, he will have to play better to win this week. The thing is we don't know how well Bradford's finger will be Monday night. Bradford and a couple players said it were fine though. If yesterday was any indication then the Rams should be fine, letting Bradford throw the ball on he Giants weaken secondary. The healing powers of Michael Jackson might help Bradford also.

"They've got this glove that I wear," Bradford said. "Everyone says I look like Michael Jackson. They send like an electrical current through it; I don't really know what it does, though. They say it works, and obviously my hand feels better, so I trust 'em. So I guess it is working."



Going into the game, the Giants will most likely focus on the run. If Bradford's hand is healed enough, the Rams should attack them deep. The Giants defense isn't the best right now, after all the injuries to their defense. If the Rams want a good chance of winning it's up to Bradford's hand.

The Giants won't  respect the run, so if Bradford can complete passes down field, it should open up more running lanes for Cadillac and the other running backs.

If Bradford can throw for 305 yards and two touchdowns, like Rex Grossman did, the Rams should win this game. The other offensive players will have to play better, because Bradford can't do it alone.