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TST Power Rankings: Week Two

A.J. Feeley ponders a moment before an incomplete pass to wonder where the Rams are on the TST Power Rankings for week two.
A.J. Feeley ponders a moment before an incomplete pass to wonder where the Rams are on the TST Power Rankings for week two.

It's Wednesday night, at that means more TST Power Rankings. Teams are on the move after their performances last Sunday and Monday. The top half stayed relatively the same, the Colts, Seahawks, Rams and Steelers fell the farthest, with the Redskins, Bills and Cowboys jumping the farthest up.

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Team Doug M ram_rod 3k Avg (+/-) Say What?
Packers 1 1 2


+1 In the first game of the season this team hit on cylinders I didn't even know they possessed - Doug
Patriots 2 2 1


-1 Tom Brady passing for over 500 yards would normally be good enough to keep the #1 slot. Giving up 400+ yards to a Henne led Dolphins offense tells me there are defensive questions that could haunt this team - Doug
Eagles 3 4 4


+3 Michael Vick looks to be the real deal. It looks like they may have some defensive issues, but not as bad as advertised - Eric
Ravens 5 3 3


+3 They absolutely mauled the Steelers. The defense may fatigue as the season goes on, but Flacco looks like he may just score enough to lighten their load - Doug
Jets 4 5 8


+3 Wait, Mark Sanchez is actually looking like a good QB. Maybe Rex's guarantee will have some gusto after the third year in a row? - Eric
Falcons 6 6 6


-3 Even though they looked terrible in week #1, they have the tools to win it all - Doug
Saints 7 7 5


-2 They played a tight game with the Super Bowl champs, but I feel as though the sun is setting on this team - Eric
Texans 9 8 9


+3 I'd sure like to see what this team can do with Arian Foster. I think this is the year they finally hit the playoffs - Eric
Lions 8 9 11


+3 Solid play by Stafford combined with a Top 5 defense to win week #1 on the road. This team will ride high as long as their QB stays healthy - Doug
Bears 10 12 12


+5 Cutler puts the last toughness questions to rest. The Bears defense is playing like their famous predecessors - Doug
Chargers 12 13 10


+2 It's quite clear that the new kickoff rule has made special teams irrelevant. Just ask the Chargers -Eric
Steelers 22 11 7


-8 They are going to need to rebound if they want to stay up this high. If not, they can take a page from the Colts -Eric
13 14 14


-4 After the entire division lost the first game, they can breathe somewhat easier. Handouts like that don't come around too often -Eric
Raiders 11 10 21


0 They remain here on total talent alone. If the performance of the Monday night game against Denver is repeated, they will crash down this poll - Doug
Cowboys 15 15 15


+5 Played the Jets hard until Tony Romo single handedly pissed it away. This defense is the real deal. Dez Bryant is a bust in the making, but this team has depth at WR - Doug
Rams 16 20 16


-6 Now devoid of corner backs, this team's defense will be hard pressed against any decent passing team. The offense lost one of its most reliable WRs in Amendola and none of the remaining receiver corp looks all that able to catch a pass - Doug
Redskins 17 22 13


+12 Ask Lovie Smith about Rex Grossman. I'm just waiting for another repeat 0 QB Rating performance from him. Just a matter of when - Eric
Giants 18 16 27


0 No clear bright spots, just Eli Manning throwing the ball... Hopefully to one of his own WRs - Doug
Cardinals 19 19 23


0 Kolb hasn't looked too bad. Their defense made Cam Newton look all world - Doug
Vikings 21 18 24


+1 McNabb's time has come and gone. Ponder will be on the field soon - Eric
Jaguars 14 25 26


+6 Looked  in the "Not Bad" range against the Titans. QB controversy is going to bubble up before week #5 - Doug
Bills 29 17 20


+10 After obliterating Kansas City, they face Oakland. We'll see if this team has anything going for it next week, but let Bills fans bask in their first place team this week - Eric
Chiefs 28 21 19


-6 Oh how far a team can fall. Buffalo beat them in K.C and beat them badly. Lots of trouble under the skin of this team - Doug
Dolphins 25 28 18


+4 400+ yards against the N.E. Patriots says they may just have an offense, but that is only half the game - Doug
Titans 23 31 17


0 This team is stuck somewhere between rebuilding and 'just there'. But their QB's don’t inspire confidence - Eric
49ers 24 23 25


0 Here by defense alone. They very well could turn into the spoiler team of 2011 - Doug
Bengals 27 26 22


+4 Showed promise in the battle of Ohio - Doug
Browns 20 27 31


-5 Would you look at that, a Pat Shurmur led team with less than 300 yards of total offense. Go figure- Eric
Broncos 26 24 29


-5 The people calling for Orton's head should remember it's Brady Quinn, not Tim Tebow, who is QB2 here - Eric
Colts 30 30 30


-14 Without Peyton Manning, this team really is this bad - Doug
Seahawks 31 32 28


-9 They flat out stank up the field against a mediocre 49ers team - Doug
Panthers 32 29 32


-2 Do you think Cam Newton's dad bet his friends his son would do great? - Eric