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Rams Bring Back CB Tim Atchinson

The St. Louis Rams added a cornerback to replace injured Ron Bartell. They signed undrafted free agent rookie Tim Atchinson to the 53-man roster today. That puts the team back at four cornerbacks, but leaves them awfully thin in terms of experience and ability. 

Obviously, replacing Bartell at this point in the season is impossible. Cornerbacks are among the highest paid players in the league for a reason, and team don't let good ones get away from their roster. No offence to Atchinson, but I hope the Rams can find a better cornerback for a group that was depleted before Bartell was lost for the season. 

They might be okay against the Giants this week. Their top receiver, Hakeem Nicks, did not practice today because of a knee injury. 

You have to wonder about the status of the other corners they brought it in this week. I was particularly intrigued by Rod Hood, but his knee may not have passed muster with the Rams.