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TST Mailbag: A record breaking amount of questions, lots of info inside.

Yay! The TST mailbag is back.
Yay! The TST mailbag is back.

Another week, another mailbag. We all know what happened when the St. Louis Rams played the Eagles on Sunday, so there's no reason to bring it back up. Right now it's time to move on to the Giants and the future of the Rams.

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Frank Cea: Bradford's Finger? 

Tevin: No nerve damage and he should be able to play this week against the Giants.

Turf Show Times Van's question for Brandon/Tevin: Does the universe hate the Rams?

Tevin: They can't afford anyone to win any bets for the Rams in Vegas. How could they pay out all those winnings.

More questions after the jump. Sorry a loss means no music.

Pedro Coelho: What ritual sacrifice must I perform to have Action Jackson healthy for the rest of the season? 

Tevin: Turn someone from a Packers fan to a Rams fan.

John Ngwenya: Sam Bradford looked bad (I know good eagles DBs) and Cam Newton looked good, could Cam really be better than Bradford this year?

Tevin: No

Mike Tockgo: The performance yesterday was expected..These are the Eagles who are favorites to win it this year....However, we played much closer than the score suggests...We were driving to score until Bradford fumbled and the eagles ran it back for a score...Then there was the first and goal in which they werent able to score a touchdown. This was a possible 17 to 21 point swing!! Two huge mistakes....that was it..If we had Sjax, the game would have been ours I think....our recievers played like crap...this was a known problem that we never addressed.
Can u see us making a huge trade soon to pick up someone like Vincent Jackson? With the db advantages of Phily, I swear they would have used Alexander more for jump balls??? Why didnt they play Quinn and what happened to Avery??

Tevin: Yeah I think Jackson would have made a difference. 1) No 2) Maybe he had a bad week of practice? They probably didn't have faith he could beat top tier corners. 3) Quinn wasn't ready this week, maybe next. 4) It was just time to part ways with Avery, nothing more, nothing less.

Kevin Fles: When is the NFL draft??

Tevin: Ask me in April 2012

Dennis DiegoSantiago Stockblom: ‎1) Will the rams bring in a 5th CB?
2) Spaggs said Amendola would have been the 3rd QB if Sam and A.j. went down, who's the 3rd now?
3) Is there any thoughts on the defense stamina?, feels like the "all down players! arent really all down...
4) 31-13 was ugly, but it's still really early in the season, heck, the Bears crushed the falcons..
Next game will be alot more intresseting to see if rams can bounce back, where are the Giants weak?
5) Will the Rams bring back Avery since Amendola is out?
Or will they might listen to Jamie Dukes and Sapp to try to get a free agent like Moss?

1. We need four first.

2. No one is the third right now, most teams don't have a 3rd on the active roster though.

3. I'm sure most "unathletic" people couldn't hold Vick. Against any other team I think the defense would have been fine.

4. Their secondary and starting linebacker were attacked with injuries bad, got to be their weakness.

5.Most likely stick with what they have, unless they are forced to make a move.

Chris Lorton: Do you think we should bring back Avery? Not only to replace Amendola but to also replace Gibson who only catches about 50% of the time?

Tevin: Nope, Avery won't be coming back. I love Gibson though.

Conor Ryan: ‎1. Do you think the OLBs made any difference? 2. Do you think it was a mistake to let Avery go? 3. Was it that the Eagles secondary were that good or our OL blocking that bad that prevented bradford attempting many deep throws?


1. Not much difference, but Vick attacked the secondary a lot.

2. No I don't, if Avery was good he would be signed right now.

3. Well they do have three great corners, so I will go with that for now. Plus it was our gameplan to do short passes and pass to the tight ends.

Eric's question: Do you think Dominique Curry is more expendable now? Do you think Illinois Mike will cover the loss of Amendola, given how much Bradford loves his TE's?


1. No sir I don't think so.

2. I think it will take a group effort to replace him. Maybe Salas can prove something his rookie year?

Andre Murray: How long before we man up and call Randy Moss for at least the threat of a deep ball?

Tevin: Unless someone get's hurt don't expect a new WR.

John Meyer: Are we targeting any cb's since Ron Bartell might be out for the year?

Tevin: Yes sir, but I don't know who.

Lex Gonzaga: How many Rams fans do you estimate have forgotten that this is week one and have given up on the season?

Tevin: 95% did that at halftime.

Ross McCooey: When will the Rams get a break?

Tevin:I don't want anymore Rams to get a break.

Rafay Asrar: What type of lasting effect do you think the Bartell injury will have on the Rams prospects this season?

Tevin: I expect the Rams to sign someone. Maybe they will go corner back in the draft.

Alan Clayton: Same question as last week- any word on Illini Mike? Also, what should we expect heading into the game against the Giants? I can't figure out who has the edge.

Tevin: Nothing concrete, but he should be able to play Sunday. It should be almost even, I hope we pull the game out.

Shawn Bennett: Whats the Rams excuse not trading for big Albert. H / And not signing WR B.Edwards. Albert went a 4th rounder and Edwards signed a 1yr deal? Instead signing and drafting bunch of guys who have no gas <~~~~ slow outside linebackers & receivers?

Tevin:  They don't fit the four pillars. MSW should be able to be as good as B. Edwards this season.

Brent Lancaster: The loss of bartell certainly hurts, but it gives al harris and justin king a shot to show they still belong. Who out there would be the best fit for Spags' system, assuming we do not trade any picks?

Tevin: Honestly the pickings are so slim, even I can't think of any.

Kevin Fles What position will the Rams be looking at in the first round of next year's draft? Runningback??, Wide receiver??, Cornerback?? Def. tackle?? Outside linebacker?? Right tackle?? --Clearly there are alot of holes on this team...

Tevin: I will have to pick defensive tackle right now.

Hit us up with a question anytime.