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St. Louis Rams Start Making Roster Moves

The St. Louis Rams made a first round of roster moves, per the PD, to deal with their injuries today. All moves made today are on the practice squad. They also brought in a bevvy of cornerbacks and running backs to workout today as they look to fill the void left by injuries this week. 

The most notable practice squad move was the addition of former Missouri center Tim Barnes. Barnes was one of the more underrated interior linemen available in the draft this year. His name was never called. The Ravens picked him up as a UDFA, but released him at the 53-man roster deadline. The Bengals had him in for a visit before the season started, but never signed him. A four-year product of Mizzou's spread system, Barnes is not a power lineman. He does have some pass blocking skills, and could have some real potential for the Rams. Here are some scouting reports on Barnes

Also added to the practice squad was QB Tom Brandstater, a sixth-round pick by Josh McDaniels with the Broncos in 2009. Warm body to fill the third QB spot, which was previously held by WR Danny Amendola

Seventh-round pick DB Jonathan Nelson was waived to make room on the practice squad along with UDFA RB Chase Reynolds. Don't be surprised if Nelson bounces back onto the PS once the other roster moves get sorted out. 

Speaking of other roster moves, expect a couple more probably as soon as tomorrow. Ron Bartell will go to injured reserve, ending his season. OL Drew Miller is expected to be released as well. 

Rams Park hosted a number of cornerbacks and running backs today as well. The Rams will likely add a running back since Steven Jackson is probably out this week. Don't expect them to hang onto that player. 

The cornerbacks in the building were more interesting. The group included Rod Hood, recently of the Titans. Hood missed most of 2009 and all of 2010 with an ACL tear. Before he went down, he made some waves in Tennessee. If healthy, Hood could be an intriguing addition.

Joining Hood were Fred Bennett, Nathan Jones, and Robert McClain. McClain was with the Panthers last year. Bennett has been released by the Chargers, Bengals and Cardinals since October 2011. The McDaniels-led Broncos signed Jones to a four-year deal in the spring of 2010. He was released at the end of August this year.