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Monday Night Football Game Thread

(UPDATE from 3k: I've reposted this at the top of TST, but I would urge everyone to read my piece for the night on the tone of conversation here at TST.  It's part request, part demand.  The good thing is I know we're capable of better things as a community, just as our team is capable of better performances than what we saw yesterday.  Please read it when you get a chance.)

New England's double tight end threat, Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, have combined for 13 receptions, 189 yards and 2 touchdowns through fifty minutes of football. That's what the St. Louis Rams double tight end attack is supposed to look like, in case you forgot. 

Someday. Maybe. 

For now, those of you watching Monday Night Football, here's a place to talk about the game or just kibbutz. The TST crew has much in store for you this week in the lead up the Rams' Monday night game with the Giants, a team that has suffered even more devastating injuries than the Rams. 

And how about the rash of week one injuries around the league? It seems like there have been way more than usual. Some intrepid young reporter is going to figure that out for sure. Maybe the lockout did hurt players after all, despite the relief some had in missing the offseason workouts. We'll see.