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A Note on Professionalism

Take note.
Take note.

As with any Rams loss, emotions can be high. Throw in the fact that the team lost its star running back, the franchise QB is banged up, our most reliable receiver is most likely done for the season, our top CB...

You get the point.

Even though everyone is angry, that DOES NOT mean that gives you the right to treat others negatively or use any sort of profanity, racism or any sort of name calling in the comments section. They are there for discussion and while things can get heated, it is pretty clear we expect you to be as professional as possible. We pride ourselves in being one of the better communities for fans and we understand that mistakes happen, but please, for the sake of everyone, don't act like a douche and make us patrol the comments 24/7. We shouldn't have to.

That being said, if something clearly crosses the line, the first step is to flag it, and the second is to email one of us (if you don't know who, feel free to send me an email. It's a lot easier for me to notice things that way). We aren't on the site all day, so it is tough to come on and try and sort through a 50 comment name calling bonanza. Do us a favor and be the better person. Even if you think the other person is crazy; we all have our differences.

Play nice, please. It won't be very fun if you don't.

NOTE: 3k/VanRam will be posting more on this tonight in regards to what we expect.

[Note by Ryan Van Bibber, 09/12/11 9:06 PM EDT ] I expect everyone to act like adults. It's that simple. Disagreement makes for great debate, don't spoil it by taking things personally, get baited into a cat fight, etc. If someone says something stupid, ignore it. They'll stop when they don't get a response. If someone says something offensive, let me know...I bring in the heavy hand of justice.