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A.J. Feeley, Cap Space and the Rams Options at Cornerback

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St. Louis Rams backup quarterback A.J. Feeley took a $1 million pay cut to stay with the Rams this season. Feeley was schedule to make $2.3 million this season. Instead, he agreed to reduce his salary to $1.3 million, according to John Clayton, in order to stay. 

This is the last year of the original two-year deal Feeley signed with the Rams. Feeley came in to complete two of six passing attempts after Bradford left with his finger injury in yesterday's loss to the Eagles

The salary cap is again important to the Rams who need to find help at cornerback and possibly wide receiver after a rash of injuries in the season opener. It seems highly unlikely that the Rams will be able to find enough cap room for any kind of banner addition. 

The Rams had C.J. Wilson in for a visit before the season started. If he passed muster, they could give him a call. The cornerback market is pretty thin, so temper your expectations accordingly.