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Sam Bradford Injury: Bradford's Accuracy Could Suffer

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The St. Louis Rams took a beating at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles this week. Along the way, the Rams lost a handful of key players to injury including leading receiver Danny Amendola, three-time Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson and quarterback Sam Bradford, last year's Offensive Rookie of the Year. So, what's the latest on Sam Bradford's injury and the status of the others?

SBNation's medical expert Dr. Ali Mohamadi discusses the prognosis. His opinion and the chances for Bradford et al to play next week after the jump.

Despite his insistence on playing in week two, the Rams will have to be careful with Bradford. Nerve damage in his fingers could affect his accuracy (even more than receivers who drop those passes). Here's the Doctor:

The key for Bradford's prognosis is whether the loss of sensation lasts into the week. If this is the case, and the rising star has suffered nerve damage, it would not necessarily keep him from taking the field but could affect his grip and overall accuracy throwing the ball. 

Jackson might be less likely to play against the Giants next week. Thankfully the Rams seem to have finally adequately addressed the backup situation at running back. 

Jackson did not return to the game, and given the nature of injuries to the muscles of the upper leg, the outlook for Jackson's return to action this weekend against the Giants is questionable.

Jackson had an MRI yesterday; the results are expected today. 

Danny Amendola's injury was the most serious of the bunch. His return this season seems unlikely. The impact of his dislocated elbow makes his football career beyond this season the biggest concern. 

In at least 15 percent of cases, elbow dislocations may be associated with nerve injuries that can result in long-term deficits without prompt treatment, which includes reduction of the joint (putting the bones back in place, either manually or surgically). Furthermore, compartment syndrome, a condition in which pressure from swelling or internal bleeding results in severe pain or decreased blood flow, may develop in the forearm or biceps requiring emergency surgery. For all of these reasons, and pending further evaluation, it would appear most likely Amendola's season is over...

Jason Smith, who served as a right tackle in name only yesterday, suffered a high ankle sprain. That's a tricky injury that could keep him out for some time. Last year, Michael Hoomanawanui missed a grand total of 8 games with high ankle sprains. It's the same injury Hoomanawanui is dealing with at the moment. 

Stay tuned, we'll have a much clearer picture this afternoon.