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The Quick Five: Week One

Disappointed? You should be. The St. Louis Rams started the game out exactly how we hoped, with a monster gain by Steven Jackson. It all went downhill from there. It's tough to for me to put up a quick five this week, because so many players were inconsistent. The WR's all dropped balls, but Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson both were open for huge TD throws that Bradford couldn't deliver. The offensive line threw the Eagles around like tissue paper for Cadillac Williams, but many times Bradford was running for his life. Tough calls ahead. Here we go:

Cadillac Williams, RB

Cadillac Williams had a GREAT game. He amassed almost 150 yards from scrimmage and looked like he had not lost a single step after all those lost years in Tampa. If Jackson is out for a prolonged amount of time (and knowing SJ, that won't happen) the Rams will be OK. From what we saw against the Eagles, they could very well have a good tandem system in place this year.

Sam Bradford, QB

Sorry Sam, but you looked bad out there. Granted, the WR's dropped a lot of throws. A lot. But he completely blew a pass to Amendola that would've represented a touchdown and also made a horrible throw to Kendricks that almost cost him an INT. I can't fault him as much for the bomb to Gibson, which would have been an incredibly hard throw to make, but then again, he's getting paid how much money this year? You've got to perform, bottom line.

Justin King, CB

He has got to be benched. The Rams need to find someone out there at CB, whether picking up a free agent, or *gasp* making a trade. The Rams were absolutely TORCHED yesterday, even when they dropped back 8 players into coverage. You just can't let that continue. Mikell had a reasonably good game, but overall, the secondary play was disappointing.

Steven Jackson, RB

The first offensive play of the Rams 2011 season was gorgeous. Steven Jackson lost a step? I don't think so. The Rams desperately need the leader of the team to stay healthy, for reasons exactly like this. With the display Cadillac Williams put on, imagine if Steven Jackson was in the game too. Cadillac Williams had 6 receptions yesterday. Imagine if they both had those opportunities. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES I TELL YOU!

Steve Spagnuolo

The defense, which was supposed to be the stalwart group of 'veterans' now entering their third year in Steve Spagnuolo's system looked confused out there many times. They were not prepared for Vick, and that fault rests with Steve Spanguolo. We never really expected to completely shut down Mike Vick, but you can at least contain him. Spagnuolo wasn't prepared and it showed. You can blame the lockout if you want excuses. But like I said, you must perform. If you don't, you lose, and that is exactly what happened.


This was a very disappointing game. I'm not going to say the Rams should have won, but they definitely could have won. If only hypothetical were reality. I hope I'm not the only one who is scared shitless at the thought of a team without Danny Amendola, Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson. But hey, I got new arrows. They look nifty. I guess that's what I have to hold me over until the Rams face off against the Giants on Monday Night.