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Danny Amendola Injury: How Will the Rams Replace Amendola?

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Even against the backdrop of a palindromic 31-13 drubbing, the St. Louis Rams' biggest loss came in the second half when reliable receiver - reliability being something that was lacking among that group - Danny Amendola dislocated his elbow. Sam Bradford's top target might be finished for the year, but the Rams will not know that for another day or so. 

Either way, Amendola figures to be out for awhile and the Rams need to consider a means of replacing him, especially his role in the slot and on those shorter to middle level routes QV Sam Bradford counts on him to make. 

The most obvious answer are the rookies, Greg Salas and Austin Pettis. The later did not dress today, Salas dropped an ugly pass as the Rams spiraled into hopelessness. 

Mark Clayton is stashed on the PUP list until at least week seven. Too bad. The Rams really, really could have used him today. 

It is necessary to pose the question as to whether or not the free agent market makes sense for the Rams. Already, they have their eyes on available cornerbacks, and we got a reminder how thin their depth is at that position today. 

Adam Caplan of Sirius suggested Brandon Stokley as an option. Of course, Stokley was on the bubble with the Broncos last year before McDaniels released him. He is 35-years-old. The most popular options on Twitter today seemed to be Randy Moss or some of the other also-rans. Maybe. Obviously, he's a different player than Amendola, so it would be an adjustment. Don't forget that the Rams brought in former Falcon Brian Finneran. I'm not endorsing the idea, but it is something to be aware of as the Rams look for receiver help.