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Sam Bradford Injury: Bradford Plans to Play Next Week

It was a rough day for St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford.
It was a rough day for St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford.

The St. Louis Rams got a big scare when QB Sam Bradford left the game in the fourth quarter with an injury to his index finger on his right hand, his throwing hand. Fortunately, Bradford does not have a broken finger, an x-ray revealed. An MRI will determine how extensive the injury is beyond that. 

As for Bradford, he has already made himself available against the New York Giants next Monday night. He told the press after the game today:

I don't see there being any way I'm not going to be on the field next Monday night.

Bernie Miklasz from the PD also said that Bradford does not have the motion in his finger that he "wants right now." 

How that impacts his performance, if he indeed plays, against the Giants next week remains to be seen. You have to like Bradford's attitude. The Rams will need a healthy does of that to bounce back in the wake of this week's ugly, ugly loss to the Eagles