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St. Louis Rams week in review, 9/6-9/10

"I was so busy with practice this week, I need to get caught  up on Turf Show Times."
"I was so busy with practice this week, I need to get caught up on Turf Show Times."

For a short week, it sure was a busy one. The NFL kicked off on Thursday night, and the St. Louis Rams follow suit on Sunday, tomorrow. A long week, but it should all pay off starting tomorrow at Noon, Central time. Because it was such a busy week and because Turf Show Times was rolling out quality content all day, every day, I thought it would be worth our time to get caught up on the week's happenings. Hell, I needed to catch myself up on everything. 

3k and I are making this a regular feature each week, because if there are two guys that know the value of Cliff's Notes, we do. 

News recap, the best in the TST and our favorite Fanposts from the week, after the jump.

From the Fanposts

Vern N LC Week 1 Predictions  - Taosman gives us week one predictions from a pair of, um, football fans. It doesn't look like these guys have the internet, so cheers to Taosman for venturing into the hills to get these picks. I hope they're back next week.

NFC West 1st Round Draft Picks 2006-2010 - A look at the first round picks in the division during that four year span. Results are mixed at best.

T - Minus 5 Days to Rams Vs. Eagles Game! - OakCityRam had a great series in the fan posts this week looking at some key issues as the Rams get ready to take on the Eagles this week. Here's his positional preview. 

Headlines of the week

Rams workout CB C.J. Wilson - The St. Louis Rams worked out free agent CB C.J. Wilson on Tuesday. Devaney continues to look for cornerback help to bolster their depth behind Bartell and Fletcher. Would Wilson fit their needs?

Experts give the St. Louis Rams some hope against the Eagles - It may not be all doom and gloom for the St. Louis Rams against the Philadelphia Eagles this week. Why are experts showing them some love?

Nnamdi, Danny; Danny, Nnamdi The Philadelphia Eagles plan to matchup Nnamdi Asomugha against Danny Amendola of the St. Louis Rams this week. How does that matchup impact the game plan?

TST essentials 

Fantasy Football with Fantasy Mike: Start & Sit - Football season is back and so is fantasy football. Who should you start and sit this week? TST's newest contributor, Mike D, gets you up to speed on all the fantasy roster decisions you need this week.

College notes on week 2 3k and buckeyefan55 talked college football and NFL draft this week. They put together a nice set of notes for players to keep your eye on in this week's college football action.

The St. Louis Rams: The Chain Gang - Moving the chains is key for the St. Louis Rams offense, and they have just the crew to do it. What can you expect from the Rams' "Chain Gain?"

Recipe for beating the Eagles? Steven Jackson, screen passes and tight ends...sprinkle liberally - If the St. Louis Rams are going to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, they will need the help of Steven Jackson. How will Jackson figure into the plans this week?

Front Office Fiction: Postpartum Player Depression - What's going on in the St. Louis Rams front office? Continuing our front office fiction...

TST Power Rankings: The Calm Before the Storm - The preseason is over! It's time for another dose of TST Power Rankings!

T.'s "four to watch" vs. the Eagles: Quintin Mikell - How does Quintin Mikell factor into the St. Louis Rams' game plan this week? Tevin takes a look at how the Rams newest safety and former Eagle factors into the plans for this week's game.

VT's Madden 12 Simulation - Week 1 vs Eagles - The won by the elusive 5-point margin in VT's simulation of the game this week. Can they repeat those results on the field? And just how did they do it? 

TST Mailbag - Taking St. Louis Rams questions from the Turf Show Times Facebook page. Brick top handled the mailbag this week. Did he get to your question?