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Rams v. Jaguars preseason game 4 open thread


This is it. The final 2011 preseason game for your 2011 St. Louis Rams. This one's for all the glory. All of the lights. For all the Tostitos...

Nick Wagoner has most of the notable roster battle notes. And yes, notable notes are the best kind of notes. Except for Post-Its. No amount of futuristic technology will ever take those things away.

Plenty of starters sitting out. Mark Clayton didn't make the trip. Neither did DT Justin Bannan who's adding another Bannan to the clan. Josh Hull's in for Laurinaitis at MLB to start. And yes, there are more that I'm not listing with the intent of getting this out in time. Both Van and I were on "pick the child up from daycare duty", so blame kids for the delay.

Regardless, it's game time. We'll have the game itself covered as well as the recap, so stick here with us as we count down to actual Rams football. Welcome back.