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Toughest Rams player to defend?

Which player from the St. Louis Rams is the hardest for opposing defenses to plan against? I have an idea. I suspect you do to. But before we send linkage their way, a few words. 

In their continuing effort to make everything about Michael Vick lately, ESPN hastily assigned the normally reliable K.C. Joyner an article to find the "V-Factor" for each NFL team's roster. "V-Factor" you ask? Much to my surprise, it is not an effort to uncover and shame virgins on each team. The "V" is for Vick, oh you morons that ESPN thinks you are. The "V-Factor" are those guys like Michael Vick who are hard for opponents to defend. 

No offense to Michael Vick, be he white, black, Thai or Corsican, but other than his contract, isn't that story kind of old news? What's the window for overcoming tough odds? Have we reached the statute of limitations for Little Foot Long Foot to have a magazine cover? Ok, rant over. 

The Rams' V-Factor: Danny Amendola

He's the NFC version of Wes Welker: a short-pass, route-running master. The third-year Ram offers little vertical threat, which on paper should make him an easy cover. But he's so quick and decisive at the snap that he gets to a spot before the CB can react. Bradford has a five-yard gain any time he wants it.

I don't necessarily disagree with this analysis of Amendola. However, teams did defend him quite well last season. Sure, he was always good for a five yard gain, but teams just closed the field enough to limit the damage from those short gains. 

Steven Jackson used to qualify for this, back in 2006 when he was a dangerous threat all over the field. The grind of being the lone stud on bad teams erased much of that ability. The most versatile player on the team this year looks like Lance Kendricks, which was the whole point of drafting him. He has the speed to run a seem route, go out wide, work in-line, and come out of the backfield. 

The real question for Lance Kendricks: what if he were white?