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Sept. 1 college football open thread

  There is real football being played tonight, just not at the NFL level.  Gladly, one of the best in the business helped herald in opening day with a move from El Sucks Professionally and Nationally to CBS.  Yay.  But ESPN's farce of institutional integrity aside, FOOTBALL!

  There are more than a dozen FBS games tonight, the first of which starts in an hour.  To help parse the weekend's slate down into actual prospecting, here's my watchlist for week 1.  Sure, there's only one game from tonight on my list and includes UNLV which you may want to avert your eyes when their offense is on the field.  But it's football.  And yes, most of you will no doubt be turning off you televisions to listen to KNTU, my alma mater's radio station on which I appeared a handful of times, to listen to the North Texas v. FIU game, but once that's over, there's still more football to be had.

  So, in the words of Pro Football Talk, bang it here for your college football observations tonight.  What prospects intrigue you tonight/this weekend?  Which Saturday night game are you going to be watching?  Alshon or Blackmon?  You know the deal.