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Spotlight burning bright on the St. Louis Rams

The championship is that way!
The championship is that way!

The spotlight just keeps getting warmer and warmer for the St. Louis Rams. After Sports Illustrated's Peter King revealed the Rams as his pick to win the NFC West, with a 9-7 record nonetheless, ESPN rolled out some predictionstoday. Steven Spagnuolo's team did not receive a unanimous vote, but the overwhelming consensus screams that the Rams have some high expectations this year.

Nine out of twelve from ESPN's panel of experts picked the St. Louis Rams to win the NFC West. For comparison, only eight of twelve dentists say that you should floss your teeth (worth noting that those are Missouri dentists). Those picking the Rams include ESPN's NFC West beatific Mike Sando, a man who spent time at all four teams' training camps this year. Also picking the Rams: Adam Schefter, Matt Williamson and John Clayton.

Three votes that did not go to the Rams went to the Cardinals. I suppose they get the benefit of the doubt for Larry Fitzgerald and Kevin Kolb. Sorry, I'm not buying it. That offensive line will do well to keep Kolb alive against the NFC East and AFC North, much less do all the other things an offensive line is supposed to do. And the defense, well, they look mediocre to me.