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LB James Laurinaitis suffers "aggravated pectoral" injury

Coach Spags said today's practice was "spirited" and there was noticeable improvement. Just how spirited? Well, James Laurinaitis suffered what coach Spagnuolo called an, "aggravated pectoral" injury. Spags also ordered an x-ray to see the severity.

These types of injuries can nag along for periods of time depending on the severity. If it's just pulled, recovery doesn't take as long and perhaps he could see action in week 1 of the regular season (perhaps sooner).

However if it ends up being a tear, it's very possible he could miss regular season games. It's much, much too early to speculate.

The Rams are in talks (and seemingly?) close to signing LB Ben Leber which would really help especially if Animal Jr. is out for any length of time.

Let's hope it's not too serious... keep checking back and we'll let you know as soon as we hear more.