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St. Louis Rams training camp schedule for the week

Turnout for the St. Louis Rams' open practices has been phenomenal, not to mention the action on field. After a long week of practicing in the interminable heat, the Rams had the day off today. The practice schedule for this week has been changed, and the first preseason game of the season is Saturday at the Ed Jones Dome.

This week the Rams have open practices on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, at 2:30 p.m. each day.

I'm breaking down the third wall, taking off my paper bag and getting out of mom's basement for awhile and heading to practice on Friday. So come on out, and I'll buy you a hot cup of good conversation about football. 

Let's hope it's not terribly hot...I wilt like a delicate flower of the South in the know, from being a basement-bound blogger. Actually, I'm kidding, my mom doesn't have a basement...unless...that's just some insulting euphemism for being trapped in the womb...wait, I get it now. 

Another programming note. We'll be ramping back into our game-week coverage, previews, recaps, speculation and enough analysis to start our think tank. Me, 3k and all the others will have you covered up tight each and every day. With college football season less than a month away now, we'll also be rolling it out for you draftniks, prospect watch lists and more. This is Turf Show Times' sixth season congealing around the Rams, and it promises to be our biggest and best. We've got a lot of new fans over the course of the last year.

That said, I'd like to invite you to drop your ideas for any regular features you'd like to see on the site. Just let us know what suggestions you have.