Who's Losing Steam? Steven Jackson 2010-2011 Highlights

As some "Scout" claimed a few weeks ago, Steven Jackson apparently isn't one of the top 15 players in the division. I made this video (or rather, put together the clips) to show that S-Jax still has his burst and that any declining burst was the product of the groin injury in Week 2, something Williamson conveniently forgot in his analysis. Steven still had a heck of a year statistically, and he also reached some truly incredible milestones. Hope you guys enjoy it, and I'm sorry it isn't the best quality.

*A few notes:

-There's a run against Detroit  that looks short/unimpressive (like the Rams in general did during that game), but I included it because Steven broke the 7,000 yard mark on that one.

-Steve Savard is amazing. But of course, you already know that.

-Holy crap Steven is our top rusher ever. With years of 8 in the box. Not implying that he's better than Dickerson or Faulk, but that is impressive.

-It's a shame we were robbed of the 49er Away game on the OJ Atogwe call, because Steven played his heart out that day.

-Jacob Bell makes me very happy. Probably the best FA news was that he's coming back.

-For Christ's Sake people, he's 28 not 30. With the continuity on the O-Line and the addition of Harvey Dahl, I think the sky's the limit for Steven this year, especially in the Redzone. Anyway, enough blabber, enjoy!