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Random Ramsdom: Sunday August 7th - 6 More Days

It's hard to believe that next week at this time we'll be discussing the results of the Rams first pre-season game against the Colts. I'm so hungry for football right now I'm going crazy and next Saturday can't come soon enough.

At first I was upset about the NFL canceling the Hall of Fame game, but looking at things now I'm glad they did. It was just simply too soon. But anyway...

With the enshrinement festivites yesterday, there's not much talk about anything else this morning but that's ok... these guys deserve their time, and one of them was Marshall Faulk.

At any rate, let's see what good reading is available this morning:

  • Marshall Faulk Busted: Yesterday Marshall was enshrined into the NFL Hall of Fame and I can't think of anyone more deserving. The man was a beast and I heard someone say yesterday that even if he were to have played just WR there is a good chance he still would have been HOF caliber. Marshall was a beast.
  • More Marshall - Here's a text version of his speech from yesterday.
  • Wanna head to Lindenwood to see the Rams scrimmage today? The article also talks about how the Rams eased up a bit at yesterdays practice, but there were still some notable injuries (which we will discuss below). 
  • Rams re-sign Adam Goldberg. This was a great move as the Rams needed some solid depth at the position. Goldberg is just that, a solid backup. They also signed veteran OT Quinn OjinnakaVan has more on these moves here.
  • Injury Bug: The big news of the day is the loss of Jerome Murphy.. possibly for the season with a broken ankle. I can't find any more info this morning, but Van has all the info you need right here. The Rams can't place Jerome on the PUP list so they have a big decision to make. This sucks. (Side note: Also, Uh Oh and Vobora suffered concussions yesterday.. not sure on the severity, but hopefully later today we'll here more on the severity).
To conclude, here is a link to Marshall Faulk's Top 10 Moments from the Rams website. Please don't panic Spags about me posting video! Marshall is retired and this is NOT McDaniels offensive system.