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Rams sign two offensive lineman

Today, Ron Clements reported the Rams decided to resign Adam Goldberg and bring in Quinn Ojinnaka. Terms of the deal haven't been made public yet, but I would expect a one year deal for both.

Goldberg was the starting offensive guard last season. Let's just say, he didn't wow anyone. However, as a backup offensive lineman, he should be fine. Also, at least the Rams know he can fill in if need be. 

Ojinnaka, was drafted by the Falcons when Billy Devaney was in Atlanta's front office, starting some games in 2009. Last season, he was on the New England Patriots. Don't expect him to compete for a starting spot, but he could end as a valuable backup.

Now the Rams have two players who can play four positions on the line. They may not be dominant players, but as backups, they can help if need be.

It will be interesting to see if the Rams keep Renardo Foster as well with both of these players added.