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Random Ramsdom 8/5: HOF Induction Eve

Tomorrow is the day that Marshall Faulk and countless number of Ram's fans have been waiting for.  He will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on the first ballot.  I will have an article more in depth about that later.  The ceremony should be great, mainly due to the fact that Deion Sanders and Shannon Sharpe get to make their speeches.  Those guys should tear it up, especially Shannon Sharpe.

On to the links.

CBA is ratified    

The CBA is finally done and we can bury labor talks for the next decade.  No one is happier than me because this is the last time I am mentioning this crap.  HGH testing is included in the CBA and the NFL will be the first major pro sport to test for HGH.  There are some people still mad, the Steelers, because Goodell still has the majority of power in fining and suspending players.  Personally I'm getting tired of the Steelers complaining and whining all the time.  Maybe if you guys didn't head hunt, you wouldn't get fined.  Simple as that.

Braylon Edwards signed with the 49ers          

It finally seems that the 49ers realized the lockout ended and they could sign free agents.  After a very quiet FA period for them they made their first big signing in getting Edwards.  He can be a very inconsistent player, but when he's on, he is dangerous.

Taylor Mays is on the block

It's not shocking to me that the niners put him on the block.  What's shocking is that they sent a e-mail to every team saying he is available.  If I was an NFL GM, and I wanted Mays, I would just wait for them to release him.  By sending out that e-mail they have lost a great amount of leverage, because now everyone knows you don't want him.  At the most they might get a 7th rounder.  Mays just shows that their is a lot more to football than talent, as he is the most physically talented safety in the league.

Bo Scaife visiting the Rams

Free Agent TE Bo Scaife has a vist scheduled with the Rams.  Obviously we would be interested in him as the 3rd TE over Bajema and insurance for Illinois Mike.  I don't know if we are going to be the front runners, because he also has a visit with the Bengals, a team with a less crowed TE position. 

All First Round picks have signed

Well that was fast.  In a little over two weeks all the first rounders have signed.  That's the beauty of the new rookie wage scale.  It makes it so the rookies are paid like they are All-Pros already, and it speed up the process so that these guys can get into camp and other offseason activities next year on time.  The scale is very drastic.  Newton got a $22 million dollar contract over 4 years all guaranteed.  Bradford got $50 million guaranteed and $86 million over 6.  Bradford got just under 4 times the money more on his contract.  Bradford is one lucky son of a gun.

That's all for today.  Have a good one...and GO RAMS!!