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Looking at the Rams backup running backs

The Rams haven't given Jackson a good backup in years. Don't get me wrong, Kenneth Darby wasn't a horrible backup, but when he was in the game, it was a good chance that the Rams would pass the ball. The Rams might have Keith Toston, who has been looking good at camp, but competition doesn't hurt. But, it was still a mild surprise, that the Rams selected two RB's in free agency.

So, it makes sense that the Rams decided to help Jackson, and make the Rams offense better. Cadillac Williams and Jerious Norwood, will help the Rams offense in a few ways, whether Jackson is on the field, or off it. The Rams aren't heavily invested in these two players financially, and they don't have long term deals. So, if one or both doesn't work out, the team can get a backup next season. 

However, like I said, even though these players are backups, they will have an impact on the Rams offense. So after the jump, lets take a look at the three backup running backs.

Cadillac Williams 

Williams was an interesting pickup. He is known to be injury prone, but he has played the majority of the last two seasons. In 2009, he had a pretty good year, gaining close to 900 yards on the ground. However, in 2010 he lost his spot, and most of his playing time, to rookie LeGarrette Blount.

Even if Cadillac, can't return to his 2009 form. He can still be a receiving option for the Rams. Last season, he had 46 catches, and almost 400 yards. He should be a great backup for Steven Jackson, whether he is out for a game, or just needs a breather.

Don't be surprised to see him and Jackson in the backfield at the same time.  Also, Williams played a backup role last season, so he will be used to what the Rams should expect. Him and Jackson, could end up a very good duo.

From Sander at Bucs Nation.

 The veteran running back turned out to be an excellent pass blocker, knowing his assignments and buying Freeman just the bit of time he needed to complete some crucial passes. As a pass catcher, Williams became very good as well. Many of Freeman's late-game drives featured Williams catching dumpoff after dumpoff and turning them into first downs. 

Jerious Norwood

Norwood will be the Rams scatback next season. He was the ATL Falcons home run threat, and the Rams will be hoping he can do the samething in St. Louis. Last season, Norwood tore his ACL, so this will hopefully be his comeback season. However, he was also plagued with injury's, throughout his career with the Falcons.

Like I mentioned earlier, if Norwood is healthy he should help the Rams, by being a big play threat. I expect the Rams to use him, like the Seahawks used Leon Washington last season. Norwood, will return kickoffs and do punt returns. The Rams probably won't use him much on offense. They do have Cadillac as the number two back. If he is up to speed, don't be surprised to see him in some offensive formations though.

Keith Toston

Toston has been on the Rams roster since last season. It's been said that the Rams have been impressed by Toston. He has shown some flashes, in limited touches. Also, it seemed like he was having a good training camp. It looks like Toston will have to have a good preseason, if he will stay on the roster.

With all that being said, there is a chance that Toston will be on the Rams this season. Is he a dynamic back? No, but he is a solid player. You never know what will happen in the NFL, so don't dismiss Toston yet. It will be interesting to watch him in the preseason.