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Caption this: On again, off again, on again

This was the scene on the practice field for the St. Louis Rams today Free agents, including restricted free agents who signed their offer sheets, donned their pads and came out into the heat for practice. After a bit, they were told to head back off the field as confusion over whether or not the CBA had been approved whirled through the Rams' sidelines. 

It's so absurd, like something of "The Firemen's Ball," one of my absolute favorite films for that very reason. In that spirit, how about a late night caption contest? Take a swipe at the photo above of Spagnuolo chasing the free agents off the field...pawns of a bureaucracy bigger than them. 

As you know, they came back on the field and had a smashing practice, literally and figuratively. See the post below for a handful of highlights, gathered by our ace team of fan journalists out at Rams Park today. 

And now, caption away my friends.