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St. Louis Rams free agents: Rams sign DT Gary Gibson

The St. Louis Rams agreed to a one-year deal with defensive tackle Gary Gibson today. Re-signing Gibson comes as a slight surprise after the team added DTs Justin Bannan and Daniel Muir via free agency in recent days. What does Gibson's return suggest about the defensive tackle rotation and will the Rams re-sign any of their other free agents?

Gibson unseated former first-round draft pick Adam Carriker for the starting DT job in 2009, before the Rams shipped Carriker off to Washington last April. Gibson was a minor free agent pickup by the Rams in the spring of 2009 and entered the league as an undrafted free agent in 2005. Adequate is the best way to describe what he gave the Rams defensive line, playing next to Fred Robbins. Bannan represents an upgrade for the interior over Gibson because of his strength, better geared to battle top interior offensive linemen and close gaps. 

Neither Gibson or Muir would appear to be guaranteed a spot on the final roster; however, both seem to have a better shot the younger players at that position. Both of those veterans should give Jermelle Cudjo and Darell Scott competition for their places on the 53-man, and you have to think the odds are against the two younger players in this race. 

The Rams are expected to re-sign one more free agent, OT Adam Goldberg, a stated priority of the team. After trading John Greco, the Rams need some additional, quality depth for the offensive line.