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TST Mailbag

Okay, so recently we got questions from our facebook page. I would like to encourage everyone to like the Facebook page,

Around the beginning of every week or couple of weeks, we will ask you guys for any questions you have Rams or NFC West related. You can also talk to us on the Facebook wall, we won't bite. So, next time you want to ask questions, you can ask on the Facebook page, instead of in the comments. So let's dig in my bag, and see what we can find.


Bobby Killian Will we be picking up another running back? Or is Norwood the back up for Jackson?

Tevin: I wish, I could have gotten to this one earlier today. But as you all know, the Rams decided to kick the tires on Cadillac Williams

Bobby Killian What may be our next free agent move, besides maybe another RB? Another veteran WR would make sense.

Tevin: I'm pretty sure were done in free agency. We got some nice pieces, that should really help us though.

Sergey Konyshev With gibson wowing the coaches, is Salas really going to be on the practice squad? Everyone on the site is predicting the rams WRs, so who would you put on the roster?

Tevin: Everyone here knows I love Gibson, so I'm very excited to hear he is doing so well. However, I hear Salas is doing well to, but even if he didn't you never put any picks over 6th round on practice squad. The Rams don't want to lose any of their rookies to another team. Also, I doubt any of the Rams big WR's will be on the practice squad. This is my list, and its not in order. Gibson, Mike Sims-Walker, Amendola, Salas, Pettis. After those five it gets dicey, I would give DX the edge over Avery and Gilyard, if he is healthy.

Carlos Burrell With the Rams making alot of good FA signings, do you think we are done signing FA? If not, what position we could be looking at? And what big names are still out there?

Tevin: Yes sir, we are done with free agency, barring any injury. I am pretty happy about our depth this year, so I will call this FA a success.

Andre Murray How's the salary cap money looking? Do we have more to spend?

Tevin: The Rams official twitter said we was near the cap, before we signed Cadillac. So, I'm pretty sure we are done.

Gabe Simonds Which powerhouse team do you think has the best chance of being upset in the Rams schedule, since I feel they'll win one of NO, @GB, @NYG, PHI, and PIT?
Tevin: Well right now,I would say we have a chance of beating the Eagles and Saints. The Rams will have to play a great game, but I would rather play the Eagles now than later. They have a lot of hype going on, and I think the Rams stack up pretty well against them. If the Rams can stop the Eagles big plays, they could pull the upset.
The Saints and Rams have had good games the last two years. The Rams are due one of them. Of course, it will be up to the Rams defense to win, but I really see this game as an upset.

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