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St. Louis Rams re-sign Mark Clayton

The St. Louis Rams re-signed WR Mark Clayton today. The news was announced moments ago by Clayton himself. It was later confirmed by Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch.

Clayton's knee failed to pass muster with the Rams medical staff when free agency began at the end of July. Apparently, the doctors must have given the front office enough assurance to seal the deal. A visit to the Patriots earlier this month probably helped Clayton's cause in returning to the Rams. 

Naturally, the first question is how this changes, complicates the Rams wide receiver picture. It seems unlikely that the Rams would bring back Clayton this late in the preseason with the intention of dropping him when final roster cuts happen on Sunday. 

Clayton most likely fits into the top four along with Danny Amendola, Mike Sims-Walker, and Brandon Gibson. I still think the most likely outcome is that they keep the two rookies, Greg Salas and Austin Pettis, since they invested high draft picks in both players. Having Clayton in the mix means that McDaniels' does not have to lean on those two players too much this season, and the team does not have to try and sneak them onto the practice squad. Clayton is eligible to begin the season on the PUP list. 

It probably means the end of Danario Alexander's time with the Rams. (My thoughts on that here). Donnie Avery might be feeling the heat too. Of course, Billy Devaney can bluff that the team plans to keep seven receivers, and try to swing a deal for Avery or one of the others. 

At least one move has to happen soon to keep the team's roster at just 80 players. The most likely move here is to cut one of the many UDFAs on the rosters, putting off the wide receiver decision until Saturday's deadline to cut down to a 53-man roster.