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Random Ramsdom, 8/31: Oh preseason...How short your were.

Tomorrow night the Rams will be playing in their final preseason game.  It seems like it was yesterday that we were gearing up for the Colts and now we are about to enter the part of the season that actually matters.  The game against the Jaguars is still important, even though it is the fourth preseason game.  There are still jobs to be won and lost.  It will be worth your time to tune in.

On to the links

Rams starter will play

The starters will play tomorrow.  This isn't exactly a big surprise.  They need the extra work due to the lockout.  Also they haven't played well enough to earn the night off.  I expect the starters to play about a quarter, except for guys like Steven Jackson, who in my opinion should just get the night off.  

Robert Quinn developing nicely

Robert Quinn has exceed expectations so far in camp.  After missing over a year, he has stepped in and performed very well.  He had a sack and a blocked FG in his last game against the Chiefs.   Spags had this to say about his performance.

"I thought he played a little bit faster last night than he had, which just means that he is probably thinking less and reacting more, especially at that position it’s pretty important," coach Steve Spagnuolo said. "I really thought the blocked field goal was pretty exceptional. He came through and made a nice play on that. It was good to see him do that. It was a big smile on his face when he came over to the sideline, so that was good to see."

Still the best thing for Quinn is that he won't be a starter in the beginning of the season, so he won't have a great deal of pressure on him.  I'm expecting a great season from Quinn.

Vick signs a $100 million contract....again

Michael Vick signed a 6 year $100 million dollar contract extension with the Eagles.  This makes him the third highest paid player behind Manning and Brady.  I was thinking he was going to be well paid, but the thing that surprised me is he got a six year deal!  With as injury prone as he is because of his style of play, I think a 6 year deal is risky.  Another thing to think about is after he loses some of his speed, can he be the same guy?  The Eagles though so, but we'll have to wait and see.

Sims-Walker calls the Rams situation "perfect' for him

Mike Sims-Walker isn't where he wants to be yet.  He still has to work out a few timing issues with Bradford that just need to be work out with practice reps.  When they get their timing down, watch out!  Sims-Walker is an exceptionally talented player and he has a chance to be very good for the Rams offense this season.  When Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch was interviewing MSW, Mike mentioned how he thinks this was a perfect fit.

"They don't know how excited I am to be here," he said. "This is a blessing. I call it the perfect situation. I wouldn't want to be nowhere else."

Why perfect?

"Sam Bradford. Josh McDaniels. The wide receiver corps that we do have," Sims-Walker said. "Very underrated. I promise you. Very underrated. I train with some of the best receivers in the game. I've seen a lot, I've studied a lot of the best receivers in the game. Trust me, these guys are right there. We've just got to get it together, go out here and grind every day, compete with each other, and we'll be fine."

That's all I got for today...GO RAMS!!!