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St. Louis Rams 2011 Stat Predictions: Robert Quinn

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  When the St. Louis Rams used the 14th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft to pick defensive end Robert Quinn, they had to factor in a leap of faith.


  The North Carolina defensive star had a fantastic season to base a first round pick on: 11 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, 52 tackles, 3 pass breakups… The problem here is the season mention was in 2009. He and a few other UNC players were forced to miss the 2010 season due to a few NCAA irregularities like taking gifts from agents. Quinn also had a medical question, that to this day still kind of looms in the background, in the form of a benign brain tumor detected during his high school football days.


  Every pro Football Draft-nic saw the young and inexperienced Quinn as a top prospect. They were right. When Quinn fell all the way to the Rams at #14, they jumped in with both feet and never looked back. So far, Quinn has been slowly reminding everyone why he was so highly touted, with the preseason game against the Kansas City Chief marking a turning point toward what the Rams hope will be a future All Pro defensive end.   So for predicting his 2011 statistics, we really have no benchmark to go on, in that the 2009 season seems to far of a stretch to draw on for comparison. Therefore I say: Predict Away! Give me the following categories: Sacks, QB hurries, Tackles, and Forced Fumbles