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Maurice Jones-Drew, Jags starters will play against the Rams

The fourth and final preseason game is usually reserved for the second and third team players. Teams roll out those guys, sometimes following a cursory appearance from their starters, in order to start sorting out the depth chart and making the final round of roster cuts. This year, the fourth preseason game might be a little different. When the St. Louis Rams take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this week, they will face running back Maurice Jones-Drew along with the rest of Jacksonville's starters. 

Jones-Drew told the press yesterday afternoon that he plans to play, and that if he plays, his fellow starters will play as well. This will be the first time Jones-Drew has played in the preseason this year. A knee injury kept him on the sidelines through the first three weeks of preseason action. Just how much MJD and his starting unit will play has not been made as explicit. 

Just how long the Rams will play their starters remains to be seen. Facing MJD gives the defense another good opportunity to refine their work against the run.