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Cadillac Williams agrees to terms with the Rams

  Trio.  Trifecta.  Trinity.  Triplet.  Triad.  Triumvirate.  Let's just get them out of the way now.

  Now that the Rams have agreed to terms with Cadillac Williams, not longer after having done so with Jerious Norwood, the Rams have compiled the most talented RB corps they've had since a young Steven Jackson was learning at the hands of soon-to-be HOFer Marshall Faulk.

  Sure, Norwood and Wililams have an injury history they bring with them to St. Louis, but as second and third running backs, they bring a hell of a lot of talent too.  And for all the talk of injury history, Williams has knocked out 16-game seasons in the last two years though he was supplanted as the starter in Tampa Bay by LeGarrette Blount last year.

  Nevertheless, for all the want of a backup running back to help Steven Jackson get through the grind of the NFL schedule, the Rams now have two proven running backs that are well beyond the kind of vitriol hurled at Kenneth Darby, Keith Toston, and the fringe running backs that have been made the Rams' rosters since Marshall hung up his cleats in 2005.

  The real question, as the Rams get ready to put their full team on the field for practice ahead of next weekend's preseason opener, is what's left to be done in free agency.  We've been as active as any team since the lockout ended; is Billy Devaney finished?  Does he have one more ace up his sleeve?

  It looks like Osi Umenyiora will be a New York Giant in 2012, so that's off the table.  Still, I wouldn't count out a late move for depth or special teams contributions (a noted penchant of Spags').

  Whether or not there's a move yet to be made, the 2012 Rams are nearly unrecognizable compared to last year's version.  As it sits right now, that's not a bad thing.