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The TST map, v2.1

  So, I put the call out to you guys back in late June, and we added another 40 or so to the TST map.  With veteran FAs close to joining the team in practice (hopefully tomorrow) and TST meet-ups on the horizon, I figured I'd throw it out again.

  There's around 300 TSTers on the map, so if you're not, the water's fine (yes, I mean you, silent lurker majority).  Just comment with your zip code and/or city here, and I'll get you on the map.  We've got about 20 countries down, but no one from Sri Lanka.  Get your act together, Lankans!

  So check out your area.  If you've got some TSTers in your hood, you've got leverage.  Don't think a local eatery/drinkery would put the Rams game on for you and a handful of other people for the chance to make $100 or so in sales?  You're wrong.

  I'm not saying you need to form your local TST militia (I'm not not saying that though...).  But there's power in numbers.  You do the math.