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NFL trade rumors: Osi Umenyiora on the move by the end of the week

The New York Giants are expected to trade disgruntled and "underpaid" defensive end Osi Umenyiora by the end of the week, according to Newsday. Jerry Reese's asking price for the productive pass rusher now sits at a second-round pick, down from a first-round swap when Osi trade talk first began. The St. Louis Rams are reported to be one of a handful of interested teams. Would they pay such a price?

Besides the Rams, insiders believe Seattle, Baltimore, New England, Denver and San Diego have interest. Another team now being included on that list is the Atlanta Falcons. Would the Rams? Could the Rams? Should the Rams try to swing a deal?

It's purely inside the realm of fantasy general managers at this point. However, rebuilding efforts through the last three drafts should bare some fruit this season. The cost of a second-round pick isn't as prohibitive as it once was for a team that needed every draft pick it could get.

The team's salary cap numbers present an even bigger issue. Already said to be up against the cap this season, Osi might be a luxury they can't afford because of that. Remember, he wants out of New York because he wants to be paid like one of the league's top pass rushers (I won't summarize the lengthy story behind that). With Jacob Bell and James Butler working on restructured contracts that allowed for GM Billy Devaney's free agent moves, there isn't really any place left to trim. Some have suggested moving James Hall, who counts for just $2.75 million in salary, but it's doubtful that would be enough room...and defeats the point of stockpiling pass rushers like MX Missiles.

It's a pipe dream, and a lovely one, but that's probably where the Osi to the Rams talk starts and ends.