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Marc Bulger retires

So I guess there was something to what Kurt Warner said about Marc Bulger. The former St. Louis Rams quarterback and free agent, who spent last year backing up Joe Flacco in Baltimore, announced his retirement today. Bulger was said to have some opportunities this season, but declined. Instead, he'll focus on his charitable foundation which serves members of the military. 

Taking over for a beloved super star is never an easy thing, and that's exactly what Marc Bulger did with the Rams, replacing Kurt Warner. Both men had the unfortunate fate of playing in a system that saw sacks as a necessary evil. Bulger suffered especially as poor franchise leadership allowed the team to decay around him. 

Bulger finishes his career with a pretty solid 62.1 percent completion percentage, connecting on 1968 or 3171 passes for 22,814 yards, 122 touchdowns and 93 interceptions. All of those number he complied with the Rams. 

His best year was 2006 when his 4,301 yards, 24 TDs, and 8 INT, helped the Rams claw their way to an 8-8 record, which wasn't enough to make the playoffs.