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Random Ramsdom 8/3: Good Bye Bulger


Isn't it great to now be talking about football and not the CBA?  These post are so much more fun for me to write now that there's actual football news to report on.  As you all know the Rams signed Jerious Norwood and Brady Poppinga yesterday.  The Rams might make a few more moves, but I think they are close to done in the free agent market.  Devanny and Co. have done a great job in my opinion in free agency, signing two great players in Mikell and Dahl and filling out hole with other guys.   I'm just waiting for the pre-season to start so we can see all the  new pieces in action.

On to the links.

Marc Bulger retired

After 11 NFL seasons, in which he went to two pro-bowls with the Rams, Marc Bulger decided to hang em up.  Some teams were interested in his services but after looking it over he decided it was best to retire.  Even though his playing days with the Rams ended terribly, the thing that can't be denied is that he played great for us.  He went to two pro-bowl, and even though he wasn't as good as Warner, kept the GSOT offense alive.  From all Rams fans, thanks Marc and Happy Retirement.

Bartell has a mild ankle sprain

It isn't a big deal and it won't keep him out for long, but the first injury scare of camp is always terrifying.  They took x-rays which were negative, but they are going to see how it looks today.  Hopefully this is a thing that will only keep Ron out for a day or two.  Good news for Ron is that the team is off today, no practice or meetings.

Brandon Gibson is tearing up far

Early in the camp the WR that has been most impressive is Brandon Gibson.  He has answered the bell, when it comes to competition.  He is entering the all important 3rd year for a receiver, a point where a lot of them take a huge step forward, and maybe this is an early sign of things to come.  He is a guy that will have to earn his roster spot and so far he has, but let me be emphasize... SO FAR.  There's still a  lot  of camp to go, along with the pre-season game, but right now it looks as if Gibby will be on the roster.

Marshall Faulk Rush to Canton

Here's a sneak peak of Marshall Faulk Rush to Canton that will air on NFL Network tonight at 7 central.  It is a hour long biography of Faulk's career with interviews with ex-coachs and teammates, as well as the man himself.  If you have NFL Network it will be worth your time to watch or record.  If you don't have NFL Network....suck to be you! :)

That all for today...GO RAMS!!