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St. Louis Rams training camp report, day 4

The St. Louis Rams practice while Billy Devaney works the phone.
The St. Louis Rams practice while Billy Devaney works the phone.

The St. Louis Rams continued training camp in record heat yesterday. Once again they put on the pads for some live hitting under the August sun. Here's a quick round-up of yesterday practice, with some tidbits from the media and a whole lot of help from our fans on the scene. 


CB Ron Bartell suffered a mile ankle sprain. He was checked out, and the Rams think it's minor. He'll be evaluated further today. Interesting to note that Justin King replaced Bartell on the first team. 

Player notes after the jump.

I caution everyone about putting too much emphasis on what happens in camp. Players are supposed to look like stars when their running in practice. However, Brandon Gibson, in early returns, looks primed for a breakout. Here's what Spagnuolo said about him:

Everything he's done, he's done it a hundred miles an hour. He's almost to the point where he's worn himself out a little bit. But I know one thing: The quarterback has a lot of confidence in him.

How much better the wide receiver battle will be with everyone firing on all cylinders. 

The Rams' training staff did a little research on soft tissue injuries, learning that this is typically a point in camp, early, that soft tissue injuries can occur. The player have the day off today. 


  • Darian Stewart had a pick on Bradford yesterday. Stewart was much talked about by the coaching staff, and is, so far, having a good camp.
  • Bradford was slinging it deep yesterday, and the receivers were catching it. 
  • Rookie TE Lance Kendricks is standing out through early practices.
  • A big thanks to LannyOSU and IamDHawk and all the others for some excellent reporting from practice. Lanny, aka RamBuck, sent us a ton of pictures. I'll have those up on the site today. The photo above comes from him.