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Top Five Keys to Rams Success: #3

The past few days we've gone through dishing out sacks and not allowing them, but it's time to make a different tune. The 3rd key to success that the Rams is something we all are anxious to see: Just how do those wide receivers stack up this year...

Hit the jump and let's break it down.

We all saw what happened last year with the offense. No one could get separation, the team couldn't move the ball, bad things happened. But then the Browns hired Pat Shurmur as their head coach and we hired Josh McDaniels as ours. If that isn't a complete 180 degree switch, I don't know what is. But what is the point of having an offensive genius if you can't use his talents?

Sure, the team has Steven Jackson. But everyone saw what happened when he became the only playmaker on the offense last year and at some points it got ugly. That wasn't his fault (once again, the Browns hired Pat Shurmur. Hooray!), but the Rams need a more balanced attack if they want to succeed.

So this is where the wide receivers and by extension, tight ends come into play. There are no #1 receivers on the team, at least in terms of production (MSW gets a slight nod here), but the team isn't completely bereft of talent at these positions. Danny Amendola, who is widely thought around here to be the next Wes Welker is the heart of the wide receivers and Illinois Mike was a pleasant surprise last year as well for tight ends. Other then that though, it's a dogfight.

Lance Kendricks, Fendi Onobun, Billy Bajema round out the TE's, and there are about 15 WR's I could mention if I wanted to extend this story out that much, but I don't. The point is, there are 6 spots max, possibly 5 if the team decides to keep four TE's (which is what my money is on). A lot of players are going to have to step up if they want to stay on the team and that kick in the ass might be exactly what this offense needs to turn on the afterburners. Considering that Brandon Gibson and even Mardy Gilyard are already making waves in camp, it's going to be a huge battle to see who clings to the 5 or 6 spots.

Besides, what is the point of Sam Bradford if nobody can catch the ball? I hear Marc Bulger is looking for a job (well, not anymore. That's two for two now, what gives?)...