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Random Ramsdom, 8/29: Progress

The St. Louis Rams get ready to wrap up the preseason this week.
The St. Louis Rams get ready to wrap up the preseason this week.

What a terrible weekend to plan a call with someone in New York City. Here in the Midwest, late August was its usual sticky self, and we at least had a St. Louis Rams win to reflect to help us beat the heat. Big props to our people on the East Coast for surviving one hell of a week. I think you deserve some randomness. 

Quinn is starting to contribute for Rams - First-round pick Robert Quinn had a stellar game against the Chiefs, with a sack and a blocked field goal. The Rams coaches note that Quinn is still a pretty raw prospect, but those raw tools should at least help him in a limited role this year.

Rams offense is progressing - Sam Bradford reports considerable progress for the offense so far. Both he and running back Steven Jackson point to well-executed plays against the Chiefs this week. Not that there still isn't work to be done.

Joke's almost over for the NFC West - Last season, the NFC West became the first division in NFL history whose champion posted a losing record, with the Seattle Seahawks going 7-9 to earn a playoff berth. Pat Kirwan says the St. Louis Rams should give the division some respectability again this year.

Arian Foster Pounces On Colin Cowherd After Injury Joke - There was a Twitter fight, more of a skirmish really, between Arian Foster and first-rate idiot Colin Cowherd yesterday. Foster delivered the killing blow, and didn't even need all 140 characters to do it.

Rams 53-man roster projection - A member of the community plays Carnac, trying to guess the final 53-man roster. Seven wide receivers made his cut. 

The Road to 53: The case for fullback Brit Miller - Will the Rams keep 4 RBs in their final 53? The case for Brit Miller, from Rams Herd.