My 53 man roster

After the 3 preseason games I came up with a final 53 man roster based on my view and listening to other analyst opinions.

QB: (2)

  • Sam Bradford
  • A.J. Feeley

I really don't see them keeping 3 QB's and A.J. Feeley showed enough promise to come in if needed and move the ball effectively. They also could opt for Thad Lewis, which I am a fan of. If they choose to keep 3 QB's then this will effect the next position on my list.

RB: (5)

  • Steven Jackson
  • Cadillac Williams
  • Jerious Norwood
  • Keith Toston
  • Brit Miller

The first 3 is a no brainer. Keith Toston showed promise but his future is directly linked with the QB situation. Brit Miller will make the team. If you haven't noticed Brit Miller has been playing with the #1's and been playing good. He will be important when the Rams want to line up and stuff down other defense's throat.

TE: (4)

  • Lance Kendricks
  • Michael Hoomanawanui
  • Billy Bajema
  • Fendi Onubun

Pretty sure everyone predicted this. Fendi still hasn't developed quickly as we thought but in Game 2 showed he can play a receiving role.

OL: (8)

  • Rodger Saffold
  • Jacob Bell
  • Jason Brown
  • Harvey Dahl
  • Jason Smith
  • Adam Goldberg
  • Quinn Ojinnaka
  • Renardo Foster

Another no-brainer. Ojinnaka, Goldberg, and Foster make the team due to versatility. Goldberg can play every G/T position. Foster can play Left or right tackle. Ojinnaka shocked me the most by being able to play all positions on the line including center, which makes Hank Fraley days numbered.

Wide Receiver: (7)

  • Danny Amendola
  • Brandon Gibson
  • Mike Sims-Walker
  • Greg Salas
  • Donnie Avery
  • Danario Alexander
  • Mardy Gilyard

I know I will get heat on this discussion. Amendola, Gibson, and Sims-Walker is a lock IMO...Salas and Avery has proven enough to play with the #2's and even mix with the #1's sometime. I put Gilyard because he is showing enough as a WR but is locked for special teams effort. Why Alexander over Pettis? Pettis has 1 catch for 5 yards in 3 games. Davaney went on record to say even Draft status doesn't matter when cuts come around. Softli said on radio that some sources think Alexander is a lock because you can't go into season without the most explosive player. Even with limited snaps he can make a difference and went on to say that Pettis played so poorly that they think they can sneak him through waivers and place him on the practice squad.

DL: (9)

  • Fred Robbins
  • Gary Gibson
  • Daniel Muir
  • Justin Bannan
  • Chris Long
  • James Hall
  • Chris Long
  • Robert Quinn
  • George Selvie
  • Eugene Sims

Fan of Cudjo but doesn't make it due to injury. Eugene Sims makes the team over CJ Ah You because he has been more effective and has been a standout in preseason. Rams seem set at Defensive End for years to come.

LB: (7)

  • James Laurinaitis
  • Ben Leber
  • Brady Poppinga
  • Josh Hull
  • Zac Diles
  • Jabara Williams
  • Chris Chamberlain

Sorry Diggs and Kehl but after the Titan game you have sealed your own fate. In most cases, Jabara Williams has been the most impressive and he will not clear waivers. Zac Diles has been solid and Chris Chamberlain is a monster on Special teams. Zac Diles and Jabara Williams seem like the long term answer at linebacker with Laurinaitis that we been searching for.

DB: (8)

  • Ron Bartell
  • Bradley Fletcher
  • Darian Stewart
  • Quintin Mikell
  • Al Harris
  • Justin King
  • Craig Dahl
  • Jermale Hines
  • Jonathan Nelson

I kind of threw Jonathan Nelson in here. I was thinking Dionte Dinkins but being out for 4 weeks doesn't help to make the roster at all. It was reported that one of the strengths of Nelson was covering slot receivers. I can see him in a possible Dime or Quarter package and making a mark on special teams.

ST: (3)

  • Donnie Jones
  • Josh Brown
  • Jake McQuaide

With the release of Chris Massey, Spags already name the rookie Jake McQuaide the new long snapper

-Hope you enjoyed...looking forward to your response Rams' fans.