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Random Ramsdom, 8/28: More starters this week?

The St. Louis Rams may play their starters in the fourth preseason game of the week.
The St. Louis Rams may play their starters in the fourth preseason game of the week.

Sunday morning and a short week ahead for the St. Louis Rams. They wrap up preseason play on Thursday night in Jacksonville. We covered the trade rumors about the Rams' interest in Eagles CB Joselio Hanson earlier, so let's take a look at the rest of the headlines.

More preseason work for Steven Jackson? - Steven Jackson saw more preseason action this week than he has in a long, long time, and he might play even more in the preseason on Thursday. Spagnuolo wants to get his starters onto the field for a little more tune up work. More importantly, can we expect the tucked dreads again?

Rams injury report - Dionte Dinkins suffered the most serious injury, but several starters will be limited this week. Brandon Gibson has a toe injury that will limit his time. The team is being cautious with Laurinaitis' pectoral injury; that will be something to watch this season. Ben Leber has a sore back, and Keith Toston has a strained quad.

Cuts today? - Rosters have to be trimmed to 80 players by the close of business on Tuesday. The Rams are currently at 89, and may be less later today. Spagnuolo said that they could make some cuts today.

James Laurinaitis is a blue chip player - Michael Lombardi started some arguments with his blue-chip/red-chip player ratings for 2011. He leaves off JL, and is corrected by Steve Wyche for it. He does include Steven Jackson, which raises disagreement from the others.

Column: St. Louis Rams Chiefs Defense - One Kansas City columnist takes his defense to task. He also notes how much more physical, powerful the Rams were in Friday's game.

Maurice Jones-Drew returns this week - How much playing time the Rams' starters will see on Thursday against the Jaguars remains to be seen. The Jags will have one of their most important players back, however. Maurice Jones-Drew returns to the lineup this week.