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Pictures to prove it: Rams win the Governor's Cup

The St. Louis Rams treated hungry fans to a delicious serving of efficient football last night, beating the Kansas City Chiefs for their third win in three preseason games. Preseason records matter very little. What does matter is the sound play from the Rams' starting unit last night. 

My favorite play of the game? Easily Sam Bradford's pass to Brandon Gibson to convert a 3rd-and-19, the kind of downs that teams once converted against the Rams with ease. Standing in a nearly perfect pocket, Bradford hit Gibson, who then fought his way for an extra four yards and the first down. It was exactly the kind of play the Rams could rarely make last season. To me, that play indicates an offense more capable of moving the ball this year. 

The coverage from the stating secondary smothered the Chiefs, while the front was able to apply some pressure. 

I'm going to breakdown a couple of key drives later on, so stay tuned. We have tons of pictures from the game. Click on the photo above to see the complete gallery.