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Random Ramsdom: 8/26/2011


Ah, Random Ramsdom. It's been a long time since you and I linked up. Let's do it again, shall we?

  • So, that Quintin Mikell guy. He seems to think he's a pretty good fit for this defense. I'd tend to agree. In fact, Jim Thomas and I agree so much with this statement that he wrote an article to which I'm linking to. Great minds think alike.
  • The Rams are looking for something at the wide receiver position. I've heard it, you've heard it, everyone has heard it. If you aren't Brandon Gibson or Danny Amendola, please, do us a favor and step up. We're looking at you too, rookies.
  • Last year, Sam Bradford had a good season. Not everyone agrees with this fact, but then again, not everyone is smart about the Rams (or just plain smart, but that's another story for another time). Who does Bradford say helped him? Well, A.J. Feeley of course. Perhaps some of Feeley's salary is for the QB coach position as well?
  • The Rams and Chiefs play tonight. But what is more important than real football? Fantasy football. Ramsherd breaks down the teams. Are you interested in drafting a player from one of the teams? Well check this article out to make sure you snag the right one.
  • Rams GM Billy Devaney talked to the guys over at PFT about the kickoff yardage change. He said it wouldn't change the Rams plans for a return man. Well, Duh Billy. Mardy is going to muff the ball regardless of where he is. 
  • Remember when the Rams were one of the youngest teams in the league? Not anymore! The Rams defense is the 4th oldest defense in the league.

That's about it for Random Ramsdom today. Don't forget to check back here to see all our coverage on the game. Go Rams!

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