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Random Ramsdom, 8/25: Clicking

The St. Louis Rams get ready for their next preseason game.
The St. Louis Rams get ready for their next preseason game.

Training camp is officially over now for the St. Louis Rams. It's preseason and nothing else on top of it. In one more day, the team will hit the field on the other side of the state to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. The third preseason game is a big one, so let's dive right in to the news of the day.

Get rhythm - Break it down however you want, but the Rams are looking for one thing from their offense: rhythm. They want to sustain drives and punch it in for six when they have the ball.

Have the Rams improved the WR position this season? - The PD roundtable puts in their two cents on the WR situation. Surprisingly enough, health is a big concern.

 Chris Long last 2008 first-rounder standing - NFC West teams drafted four players in the first round of the 2008 NFL draft. The St. Louis Rams' Chris Long is the only one employed by an NFC West team still.  

More on the discussion of Sam Bradford's rookie season - Remember when someone called Bradford's rookie of the year season overrated? He's more on that same disucssion.

Mardy Gilyard and the changing role of special teams - Rams Herd talks Mardy Giyard, Chris Massey and Jabarra Williams. On Mardy, is the new rule for kick returns just setting him up to take needless hits? At least he can give them right back, if he doesn't get injured, with his outstanding play as a gunner on special teams. 

Jimmy Kennedy heads to New York - Jimmy Kennedy has struggled to establish himself as a premier player. He has joined his sixth team in six seasons. Rams fans certainly remember Kennedy.