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Fantasy football: Steven Jackson & Danny Amendola

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola divides fantasy football experts. Some can't get past his incredibly low 8.1 YPC last year. Others, thing that an improved Rams offense and another year for QB Sam Bradford will do wonders for a player virtually guaranteed to catch the ball at least 75 times. 

Jamey Eisenberg from thinks very highly of Amendola's fantasy contributions this year. He even suggests drafting him as a #3 wide receiver in standard leagues and a #2 receiver in points-per-reception leagues. 

Amendola is someone every Fantasy owner should target on Draft Day. And in leagues where receptions count, he could become a star. Don't be surprised if he catches at least 100 passes this season as the best receiver for the Rams.

As for where he suggests drafting Amendola, you'll have to read that for yourself. What about you, are you a buyer for Amendola as a fantasy football option this year?

Steven Jackson used to be a regular first-round pick for fantasy football players, but his last two seasons and concerns about his injuries have dropped him down the value chart. You might get a steal with Jackson this year. Mike Sando looked at McDaniels' goal line tendencies. With the Broncos, McDaniels ran the ball 61.2 percent of the time, compared to a league average of 64.4 percent in situations with three or fewer yards to the goal line. 

Over the last two years, the Rams ran the ball just 41.9 percent of the time in those same situations. In other words, the running game could be responsible for far more touchdowns this year, which would bode well for Jackson's fantasy value. Throw in the addition of guard Harvey Dahl, and you really have to like those chances.